Security for all those Gamer Gadgets you have!



You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on your video game consoles, and thousands on your gaming PC. You’ve searched and collected your favorite comics for years, even the really rare ones. The ones that will undoubtedly be collector items in some years. Protect these valuable possessions with a security system that fits your budget. Here is a look at a variety of home security systems for your consideration.

Home Security Cameras

While many home security systems come with cameras as well as motion sensors, they are oftentimes bogged down by expensive monthly subscriptions. However, you can buy your own security cameras, install them yourself and never pay a monthly fee. Lorex HD security cameras are great reinforcements for your home security. Record in 1080p with a network video recorder (NVR). Simply connect the cameras and the NVR using a single ethernet cable. If you want something with an easier setup that is more cost effective, Lorex also has wireless IP cameras that can broadcast to your mobile device no matter where you are. Place cameras inside and outside your game room so you can keep an eye on your lifelong hobby.

Self-Monitored Security Systems

Lorex cameras can provide evidence of who might steal your gaming setup, but they won’t alert you as the burglary happens. A self-monitoring security system such as iSmartAlarm or Korner can send alerts to your mobile device or smartphone. This is at once, good and bad. It’s good because most alerts are false alarms (your friend has dropped in unexpectedly and used the spare key) and you can investigate the breach before the police are alerted. It’s bad because you must alert authorities of any break-ins yourself.

iSmartAlarm detects when someone opens an access point in your home, then sends an alert to your smartphone (iPhone or Android). Through the app you can customize iSmart, adjust alarm volume and set alarm delays, so you can turn off the alarm when you come home, before it goes off.

Korner is similar in many ways, though it doesn’t have an alarm or a camera. Instead it relies on small tabs that fit in the corners of windows and doors. If these access points are disturbed you will get an alert on your smartphone. One clever feature the Korner app provides is the ability to create “Your Circle,” which is a trusted group of people you specify. When an alert is sent you can notify Your Circle or 911.

Monitored Security

Monitored security is the most expensive in the long run, but also the most comprehensive. You can rest assured that nobody can enter your home, let alone, your gaming room, without swift action taken by the monitors.

A monitored system requires a monthly subscription and the initial cost of the basic equipment. After setup, however, you aren’t responsible for monitoring your home, the security company is. Lowe’s Iris system is known for its customer service and reasonable price. While you don’t have to spend money for premium services, protection only begins with the premium, broadband monitoring. An Iris alternative is Mace Wireless, which is at a slightly lower price point. When a breach occurs you are alerted via smartphone with Mace Wireless. Not only that but this function lets you actively speak to whomever has gained entrance to your home.

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