Interviews with the Cast and Creators of Hannibal at SDCC

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I was lucky enough to be apart of the press room for Hannibal this year at SDCC. Included in the room were Bryan Fuller (creator/show runner), Hugh Dancy (Will Graham), Richard Armitage (Red Dragon/Francis Dolarhyde), and Martha De Laurentiis(Executive Producer). Despite the show being cancelled, and not picked up by any network (Amazon and Netflix passed), there is still hope to be had. Talk of a movie was floated, and continued press for other possible venues for the show to continue.

On a personal note, this is one of my favorite shows, and the amount of passion everyone in the room (talent and press included) had for Hannibal was evident. If this is genuinely the end, then I’ll be happy knowing that I was a small part of something magical.

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