FX Fearless Arena provides Thrills and fun during SDCC!

Geek Fun, Off Site/Parties, San Diego Comic Con '15

Hey guys! I was lucky enough to preview the FX Fearless Arena between the convention center and the Hilton Bayfront. Open today, tomorrow, and Sunday, you can experience four different themed attractions, along with other need fun goodies. There is the American Horror Story Hotel, where guests will check in, compete to collect the most cash, and win a special prize at the end. There is the Bastard Executioner Competition–where you and another contestant will compete in acts of strength, accuracy, and intelligence to win prizes.

Along with that, there is The Strain Occulus Rift Experience, where you must try and stay alive. There is also the Fargo snowglobe, where you and friends can take pictures in front of the iconic Waffle Hut, which will be key in Season 2 of the show!

On top of all this, you will get different trading cards, which will grant you access to FXNOW free for 12 days.

Pre-register for the experience at the site below, and check it out! It seriously was an amazing time, and I think everyone should take some time out of their day to experience it!


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