The Nerdist School to hold First Women in Comedy Panel on Saturday, June 20

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The Nerdist School, the newest branch of the the Nerdist brand under the Legendary Digital Network, is holding its first Women in Comedy Panel on Saturday, June 20th at 10 am.  The panel’s speakers include Monika Smith (Two and a Half Men), Diona Reasonover (Clipped), Jess Eason (The Real Housewives of South Boston), Jen Curran (Harvard Sailing Team) and Mo Welch (Typecast).  The panel will focus on the very basics of getting started in comedy and will appeal to women who haven’t yet made the leap from corporate America to following their passion in the comedy world.


The workshop, which will not only give tips and tricks but will also include a half hour free improv session at the end, will arm the attendees with the knowledge to immediately get started reaching their goals, whether they decide to pursue a career in comedy, or use what they’ve learned to further a more traditional career. “Taking part in comedy is a fantastic way for women in all career fields to bolster confidence and learn to think on their feet. ”- Steph Garcia (Panel Organizer and Performer Nerdist School) Because it’s not just about what women do on stage, it’s about what they do in the office too that will instigate real systemic change.


If women are looking to dip their toes into comedy, though, they will learn some great information. “What schools are women friendly? What open mics are women friendly? What casting directors are women friendly?  We know that information and most of us found it out the hard way. If there’s a way to help another woman short-cut this info, why wouldn’t we do that? It benefits all of us.”  Lindsey Barrow (Panel Organizer and Performer Nerdist School)


Fifty percent of the faculty at The Nerdist School is comprised of female instructors.  The school has been in operation for a little over a year and has made a commitment early on to be inclusive of all women, minorities, and LGBT individuals.  This workshop is just the first step in building a more diverse comedy community. The panel will be held at The Nerdist School, 7518 Sunset Blvd on June 20th at 10 am and is free for all attendees.  To RSVP, email

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