4 Undead Ideas for a Zombie-Themed Party

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Infected with the urge to party like there’s no tomorrow? Read on for ideas on how to host and survive your next zombie-themed party.

1. Bar Crawl

  • Why it’s fun: You get to dress up, drink and paint the town red with your friends. Literally.
  • What to do: Create a Facebook invite to host your own bar crawl. Research which bars to hit, and make a tentative schedule. Make sure there are public transit options, or organize a carpool to the next location. Check out other fool-proof tips on how to host a successful bar crawl at TheDistilledMan.com. Alternatively, check out Eventbrite.com for info on existing zombie-themed bar crawls, like the famous Gaslamp District bar crawl.
  • Dress the part: This is your opportunity to go all out. Swish dark food coloring around in your mouth to imitate a Walker, and drench your hair in conditioner to make it look dirty and unkempt. Apply red makeup around the hallows of your eyes and dull, grayish makeup around that to look lifeless. Take an outfit you don’t care to lose, and burn parts of it and tear or fray the edges.

2. Zombie Movie Viewing

  • Why it’s fun: You need an excuse to catch up on your favorite heroes when you’re in the company of other living, breathing humans.
  • What to do: Catch up on “The Walking Dead” Season 5, or watch the Season 6 premiere in October. Set it up on a big screen and make sure the room is at its darkest and scariest. Pass around bowls of crackers and twinkies to satisfy the hungry watchers.
  • Dress the part: Mimic the look of your favorite zombie apocalypse survivors. Wear a coarse poncho like Daryl, a headscarf like Michonne or earthy combinations of leather, denim and flannel.

3. Laser Tag Hunt

  • Why it’s fun: Um, hello? You get to hunt down your friends without cleaning up messy paint. You may not be as skilled as Rick Grimes or Daryl Dixon, but those skills can be honed.
  • What to do: Check out a local laser tag company and ask if they host groups. Some companies like Equinox Laser Tag can bring a complete tactical laser tag game to your own outdoor location, including bunkers and barriers.
  • Dress the part: Before the event, split the group up into two sides: the infected and the survivors. In the invitation, include which side each guest will play on, and give them an idea of where to get their costumes. Point them toward sites like Morphsuits.com that offer cool costumes, even during the non-Halloween season.

4. Home Invasion

  • Why it’s fun: You get to live out the zombie-apocalypse fantasy and see how you would react.
  • What to do: Board up your windows and fireplace with cardboard planks, post warning signs and hang cobwebs and face masks everywhere. Serve spaghetti or steak kebabs (and hope you don’t need to use your skewers as a weapon to defend yourself). Or opt for a more realistic pantry, and stock your countertop with canned goods like beans, cheese whiz and a giant vat of chocolate pudding a la Carl. Your fellow fans will know what to do.
  • Dress the part: Wear camo, cargo pants and a dirty or ripped T-shirt to make it look like you’ve been hiding out for weeks. You may even want to throw on a bandanna or other typical survival accessories.


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