Submit Art to BBC America for a chance to be part of SDCC!

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Are you an artist who has done some art of Orphan Black or Season 8 of Doctor Who?

As per the tumblr post here, follow these instructions/rules and maybe your art will be a part of SDCC!

Here’s how to submit-

1. If you have fanart/fan crafts from Orphan Black or Doctor Who Season 8, send it at its highest resolution, under 9MB (otherwise they won’t receive it), as a JPEG or TIFF file.
2. Send it to and include your Tumblr username or however else you’d like to be credited. You don’t need a Tumblr account to submit!
3. If your artwork is chosen to be featured, they will respond with a release form for you to sign and send back to them. And don’t fret if your artwork isn’t chosen, it’s only because of the volume of submissions they receive.

Deadline for submissions: June 12th, 12PM EST

And don’t worry- you still have ownership of your artwork if you submit it and will only be giving BBC America permission to display it.

Due to the volume of submissions, they are accepting up to 3 pieces of artwork per person, please send each one as a separate e-mail.


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