Tickets now Parking! SDCC Ace Parking goes Lottery!

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By now we have all become aware of the lottery system that SDCC uses for tickets. Hotels and the parking run by Ace Parking has always run by a first-come, first-serve process. While it sometimes requires you to have lightning fast reflexes to get your submissions in quickly, there was always the sense that you had some control over these two important parts of SDCC.

For Parking, now, that is no longer the case.

Today Ace Parking updated their website regarding SDCC. Now, instead of having a chance to buy parking directly, they will go through a lottery system; winners will be chosen from the applicants who then can choose their parking spaces.

The website states,

“Registration is easy. Send an email into and you’re done.

Ace will collect entries until April 12th and then hold a random drawing to select the winners.

Entries will be selected at random up to the capacity of each location. If your entry is selected, you will receive an email back from us by April 15th. Included in that email will be details on how to purchase your permit at the location you were drawn for. If you choose not to purchase your permit, it will be forfeited.”

It does seem simple enough, but by turning the parking into a lottery, it adds one more aspect of uncertainty to the SDCC process. For those who need parking (including those with handicaps), they will now have to simply hope that luck is with them, instead of having control themselves. While the site does state that after selected lots sell out, remaining inventory will be open to the public for purchase. However, how many spots that entails, and where, is not designated.

As this is the first year that Ace is doing this, I am sure there will be hiccups. The website states, ” This year we hope to provide a better experience and take the pressure out of the process,” but in my own opinion, I think this makes the experience a lot more pressure-filled, as there is heightened uncertainty involved. It seems the process will be only easier for Ace Parking, and not for SDCC patrons.

How it will go, only time will tell.


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