Rumors Swirl about Marvel Studios possibly not going to SDCC

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Yesterday, James Gunn (Director of Guardians of the Galaxy) commented on facebook that Marvel will not be at SDCC this year.

He later went onto twitter to state that he has never lied to his fans (in response to claims that he may be lying regarding Studio ‘no show’).

We have all been speculating, really, as to what this means. If indeed true, it most likely means that there will be no Marvel Studios panels in Hall H this year. Whether this just means for movies, or movies and television, we can only guess. Regardless, it is highly highly doubtful that this means that Marvel is pulling out completely. There will still be Marvel Comics presence, and a booth in the exhibit hall.

There have been rumors for years that Marvel Studios might be planning a pull out of Hall H/SDCC, and it seems this year it may actually happen. Disney’s purchase of the Marvel property means that Marvel now has a lot more avenues to get information out into the open. Last year, Marvel held a week long media event last year (where they spoke on phase 3, 4, and onward into the decade). By doing so, the attention is solely on them, and not on any other entertainment offerings (as happens at SDCC).

Additionally, this is a D23 year. D23 is a Disney convention that is held every two years. In 2013 there was a Marvel presence, but if there will be no Hall H presentation this year, you can bet that Disney will be holding a large Marvel panel at the Anaheim convention. This could even tie into the rumored announcement of a Marvel land (or possible 3rd gate) at Disneyland.

In regards to SDCC, it will be interesting to see if anyone tries to ‘fill in the gap’ left by Marvel Studios this year. Will Sony be pushing it’s Spider Man offering? Will Disney be pushing Star Wars, instead? Or will DC Studios try to take the hype usually reserved for Marvel for it’s own upcoming titles?

Time will tell. We’ll keep you updated to any new developments.

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