Comic-Con Game Costumes: DIY Tips and Ideas

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Comic-Con International is the largest event of it’s kind and many who attend spare no expense when it comes to costume design. But not everyone has the budget to spend hundreds of dollars on a costume. So, here are some tips and ideas to spark your imagination.

1) Twists:

At Comic-Con you’ll see people dressed as their favorite classes from Destiny and World of Warcraft, or their favorite characters from old-school games like Final Fantasy VII. Though they can be elaborate and flashy, putting your own twist on classic cosplay sets you apart from the crowd. Mario might be the most iconic video game character ever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a twist on the classic Mario getup. All you’ll need for the basic Mario costume is a pair of overalls, some brown boots, a long-sleeve, red shirt and a red hat. Then, sew or glue a white patch with a red M on the front of your hat.

What makes this costume unique? Nothing yet. Mario might be a costume everyone has seen, but who has seen Zombie Mario? With a zombie makeup kit, add some popping blue veins to your face and dark shadows under your eyes. To complete the zombie effect, smear some fake blood near your mouth.

2) Good Cop, Bad Cop:

With the upcoming release of Battlefield Hardline and the popularity of first-person shooter games, a great budget-friendly costume is the undercover cop look. Part officer, part criminal, this look isn’t difficult to achieve, but the persona might take some getting used to if you want to make the show convincing.

Aviator sunglasses paired with a trench coat or leather jacket are essential. Since this costume is all about nuance, use gel to get a greasy-hair look. Also, you can use makeup to look like you’re older or tired. Write or print a fake warrant as a prop and pick up a pair of toy handcuffs just in case you need to take care of business. Though the costume is pretty simple, the delivery of the persona is where you will shine. Don’t be afraid to bust out your cuffs and take someone downtown.

3) You are a Character:

You don’t need a full costume to garner the admiration of convention goers at Comic-Con. With two sheets of 12 x 12 card stock, you can print out or make your own Sims plumbob.

Fold one sheet of card stock into a cone, then fold the other into a separate cone; glue the open ends together and you’ll have a pseudo-diamond shape. Use sturdy wire to poke a hole in one pointed end of the diamond. Before fitting the wire, bend the end that will be inside the diamond into a hook so the wire doesn’t wear and poke through the top of the plumbob. Now, with the long end of the wire, wrap it around a headband. The diamond should be four to five inches above your head. Voila! You are now a Sims character. If you don’t want to use a headband, there is also a way to connect the plumbob to a hat instead.

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