Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Preview

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As stated in a previous review, I was luck enough to preview some of Square Enix’s 2014/2015 offerings at New York Comic Con. Besides the excellent “Life is Strange”, I was also lucky enough to preview the upcoming game, “Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris”. Put together by the developer¬†Crystal Dynamics, Temple of Osiris” is a 4-player co-op game, and is a sequel to “Guardian of Light”. Myself and a few other journalists sat down and played a 15 minute demo, and let me tell you–it was a blast. The characters come in two classes: Archaeologist (Lara Croft, or a competitor, Carter), or God (Horus and Isis), each with different powers.

The game is set within the temple of Osris, where the players have to try to defeat enemies of Set, in an attempt to save the temple’s namesake. There are traps, puzzles, and projects that all players have to work together on, utilizing their specific abilities to overcome.

As someone who grew up with an amateur Eygptologist for a mother, I was highly impressed by the detail of the level we saw; it is clear that the developers did their research when it comes to Egyptian Gods. Set and Anubis looked terrifying (as they should), and the detail put into Ammit’s body was enough that I got distracted while playing and died (luckily re-spawning happens relatively quickly).

The gameplay itself is relatively intuitive, and within the first five minutes, all players were relatively comfortable with the controls and were able to focus on the tasks at hand. This includes creating force fields, using grappling hooks, shooting guns, lasers, all the while trying to collect some pretty awesome achievements and weapons/items. Players can easily engage in friendly fire, and ‘accidentally’ push a fellow player off a cliff and into spikes. It definitely lead to some hilarious moments, with all of us screaming at each other to try and beat enemies without killing each other. As someone who doesn’t normally engage in multi-player games, I found myself enjoying the experience, and eager to play more.

The game itself looks excellent–the world is immersive, bright and colorful–without being too busy to lose track of your goal. The cut scenes look great, and the voice acting/writing is excellent, as well. I’m definitely looking forward to the release, when I can play the full game with friends.

The game will be released worldwide on December 9, 2014.

Check out the trailer here:

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