Don’t Forget! Attendee Pre-Redge for SDCC 2015 is tomorrow!!

San Diego Comic Con '15

Comic-Con 2015 Attendee Preregistration will open Saturday, November 8

You will only be able to buy badges for three people. This includes yourself. Everyone needs to enter the waiting room before 9 am PST, which is 11 EST.

Current prices are as follows, for a normal, non child/discount badge:

Preview Night & Sunday: $35 each

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: $50 each

So if you want to attend all days, the cost isĀ $220.

If you guys need more information (including checking member ids, etc), go here.

Also, if you have any questions, or concerns, hit me up here, or on twitter, and I’ll try and help answer any questions!

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