Long Live The Con! Has NYCC Finally Knocked SDCC Off Their Throne?

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photo credit @NerdTruth

Anyone who is out at New York Comic-Con right now will tell you that they are without a doubt swimming in a sea of people. Convention attendance through out the show’s 9 year history has steadily grown from just taking up one hall in the Javits Center’s lower level to quickly engulfing the entire building, expansions, parking lots, and all.

Year after year it has always come in second place in the eyes of casual observers and industry folks when it comes to just how “crazy” these things can get, but has SDCC’s time in the sun come to an end, giving rise to the Empire State’s premiere con as the most populous con in the nation?

According to Newsarama’s Chris Arrant the answer couldn’t be any clearer, with their source being none other than the voice of NYCC, and ReedPOP conventions in general, Global Senior Vice President Lance Festerman.

Festerman is being quoted as telling the superb comics outlet that they have surpassed 151,000 attendees.


Now, we’ll have to look into the data as it is made available to see just how this figure was made. Is this the total day-to-day occupancy? Is it the total of all people with four-day passes as well as the sum of individual day attendees? Keep in mind that 2013’s show boasted an attendee record of 133,000 and the show was also equally sold out with no new additions or expansions to the facility as far as I am aware.

As most of you reading this site already know the great folks over at CCI have been plagued with the lack of forward progress on the San Diego Convention Center’s expansion plans. Their show has been capped at 130,000 attendees for a number of years with tickets selling out in minutes. They have flirted with the idea of moving on to bigger and better equipped cities but have stuck it out with their home as far as we are aware.

Conservative estimations of just how many people travel to see San Diego, even if they cannot get into the show, puts the figure somewhere around 200,000. Fortunately, that excessive number now have an overabundance of external attractions that they do not need passes for the show itself to enjoy.

Also keep in mind that CCI is an non-profit while ReedPOP is ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS. These external booths we see at SDCC might be great for the city and all, but a company looking at their gains and losses might see that as lost revenue and will try to bring as much of that in-house as possible just to keep all of the buzz inside what they control.

Another thing NYCC is behind on is Movies and TV but even that gap is closing in. With George Clooney, Netflix’s Daredevil, and a few other headline making stars and properties making an appearance it is clear that the organizers of the show have been listening to the fans and are aggressively trying to get for themselves what that other show seem to have a monopoly on.

It’s going to be really interesting to see how the face of conventions shape up over the next couple of years but I feel that unless NYCC moves back to its original springtime date SDCC will be safe as the number one show for promoting summer blockbusters.

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