Long Beach Comic Con announces Dwayne McDuffie Award

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Long Beach Comic will announce the Dwayne McDuffie Award. Details of the award will be released at the event.

“Dwayne’s influence on comics is incredible, and we look forward to helping preserve his legacy through this award,” said Martha Donato, co-founder of Long Beach Comic Con.

Both Long Beach Comic Con co-founders Martha Donato and Phil Lawrence will be attending, along with prominent comics and animation professionals Neo Edmund, Joan Hilty, Joseph Illidge, Heidi MacDonald, Glen Murakami, Eugene Son, William J. Watkins, Len Wein, Charlotte Fullerton McDuffie, and Matt Wayne.

The event will take place Saturday, September 27, 10:30 am, in Room 102 B/C at the LBCC.

While it’s incredibly sad we lost such an amazing writer, it is great that LBCC is creating an award to honor him. If you get a chance to attend the show, please pass on to WNA your review!

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