Marked Men V Party @ SDCC!

I was lucky enough to attend the Marked Men party at SDCC this year, care of Combat Radio (listen here). Currently in it’s fifth year, the party took over the […]

And an introduction…

…to your new benevolent overlord, Lindsey! And by benevolent overlord, I just mean editor and main writer on When Nerds Attack. I’m so excited to be taking over the helm […]

Kickstarter for a Sandman Fan-Film!

Neil Gaiman fans invite you to step into the world of Sandman. Shadow Dreams, LLC, announces the launch of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for ‘Hope in the Abyss’, a short […]

Interview with Wayside Creations!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to interview Mathew Munson (Executive Producer/Partner) and Tybee Diskin (Actor/Broadcast Manager) from Wayside Creations, a great company that specializes in making fan movies/series based on […]