Combat Radio’s GoFundMe for A Combat Radio Christmas

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Editor’s note: While we will strive to always promote neat/different projects on this website, this one is personal to me. Combat Radio’s Christmas Charity Event is a very amazing thing. I participate as a cosplayer, and try go give children less fortunate than myself a really happy Christmas memory. I won’t ask you all to donate, but if you can pass this on, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys! ~Lindsey


Every Christmas, Combat Radio -and many of their celebrity guests- host the ‘Annual Combat Radio Christmas Event For Homeless Children’. Three hundred to 400 Children -and their families- are bussed in ‘Polar Express Style’ from Social Services and the Battered Woman’s Shelter for what is ….essentially Christmas in the first class decorated setting of Salt Creek Grille (In Valencia Ca.) The event is hosted by SANTA along with some of Combat Radio’s best celebrity guests (from the likes of Star Wars, The Avengers, Monster High, Ben 10, Justice League etc…) Magicians and Cosplayers etc… with a complete brunch (each table has it’s own waitress/waiter) including French Toast, Eggs, Donuts, Bacon, Sausage, Ribs, Muffins, Danish, Orange Juice, Coffee and more. A live music show -featuring some of the best artists in the music industry and a Gospel Choir, a live ‘celebrity driven’ Combat Radio broadcast are part of the entertainment, Christmas trees and prizes are given away and EVERY child gets a present! But what’s more….every child gets a chance to belong, a chance for a smile and…a chance at a magic moment in life.

Every dollar can help, so please think about donating here.


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