Babs Tarr & Steve McNiven Come to NYCC!

Comics, New York Comic Con '14

Babs Tarr is the current co-artist on Batgirl and works as a full time freelance illustrator. She grew up in the sunny and beautiful Charleston, SC. In 2010 she graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD where she received her BFA in Illustration. Currently is settled west in San Francisco, CA. 

Ms. Tarr will be appearing all days.

Steve McNiven has been working at Marvel comics for almost all of his professional career , drawing a wide range of characters including Spider-man, Wolverine and the Avengers. He has collaborated with some of the best writers in the business, from Brian Bendis on Guardians of the Galaxy, Ed Brubaker on Captain America  and Warren Ellis on Ultimate Secret, to Mark Millar on Marvel Civil War and Wolverine – Old Man Logan. He has recently teamed up with  writer Charles Soule  to depict the saga of  the Death of Wolverine from Marvel Comics.

Mr. McNiven will be appearing all days!

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