Humberto Ramos comes to NYCC!

Comics, New York Comic Con '14

Humberto Ramos has been drawing comics professionally since 1993. Before working on Impulse for DC Comic’s, he began at Milestone Media. In 1996 he worked for Marvel Comics, and Wildstorm Productions. In 1998, he co-founded the imprint Cliffhanger with artists Joe Madureira and J. Scott Campbell, and released creator owned Crimson & Out There. In 2003, Humberto worked on both, Peter Parker and Spectacular Spiderman for Marvel. In 2005, he released creator owned Revelations through Dark Horse. In 2006, he worked on Wolverine, New X-Men & X-Men, and Runaways v3. In 2011, Humberto released creator owned Fairy Quest Book 1, and since then, has been drawing everyone’s favorite web-head, Amazing Spiderman. He has worked on great stories including “BIG TIME”, Spider-Island, Ends of the Earth, Alpha, Dying Wish, and on the Superior Spider-Man series contributing to 11 issues of that series. Currently Humberto is finishing up his first arc on the Amazing Spider-Man (2014) series, and also wrapping up Fairy Quest 2: Outlaws.

Mr. Ramos will be appearing all days (Thursday-Sunday)

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