Marked Men V Party @ SDCC!

Off Site/Parties, San Diego Comic Con '14

I was lucky enough to attend the Marked Men party at SDCC this year, care of Combat Radio (listen here). Currently in it’s fifth year, the party took over the Star of India/San Diego Maritime Museum  in San Diego Bay. The theme this year was Game of Thrones, and people came out in both their best pirate gear,  and Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire cosplay, as well. Combat Radio, an amazing radio show based out of LA, broadcast live from the aft of the boat, while knights from Lamia Knights battled below decks. In fact, they even allowed party goers to go at them with a club and sword (something I enjoyed immensely!). Alcohol flowed freely, and later on in the night, Littlefinger brought out his own special themed belly dancers to continue on with the show.

The party was hosted by Brandon Hillock (twitter), who kept the party going with his banter and different events, while allowing enough time for mingling with the crowd.

I spent a great deal chatting with attendees, and it seemed that everyone really enjoyed the party. I’m definitely going to make sure this is on my “to do” list next year, and I genuinely encourage anyone who remotely likes pirate-themes to join in the revelry next year, as well.


Enjoy the pictures, and I hope to see you there, next year!



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