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…to your new benevolent overlord, Lindsey! And by benevolent overlord, I just mean editor and main writer on When Nerds Attack. I’m so excited to be taking over the helm here! It’s definitely some big shoes to fill–Barb has done an amazing job over the years, and I was so excited when she allowed me to join the rest of the crew writing here. When I found she was stepping down, I felt the only right thing to do was to offer to keep running it in her stead. I have loved working for the site, even if it’s been for a short time, and I wanted to try and keep up her hard work.

Let me give you guys a little background on myself. I spent the last 6 years on the East Coast, which is where I met Barb, actually. I now currently reside in San Diego, CA, and have for the past year. So I will be starting to cover at lot more west-cost conventions, with less emphasis on East Coast cons, sadly. This also means that a lot of the posts will be coming later in the day, unless I gain an East-Coast correspondent. I currently work full time for the government, but luckily my hours are flexible enough that I can work on this site at least a bit every day.

Will things change here? Probably–but not that much. I will still make sure that SDCC is covered, and any big upcoming conventions.

I’m also hoping to branch out into reviewing comics a bit more, along with some movies and television. All depends if I get some other writers on board, and my own workload. I have a lot of things still to post from SDCC, so keep on the look for that.

I really hope you all stick around for what I have planned, and I hope I can do Barb proud!!

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