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Cosplay – Costume Play – in 3D Documentary Film


Producers to Host Informative Panel on

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San Diego, CA – Executive film producers Patrick Scott of Drama House Productions  and Christine Kasal Parascandolo ParascandoloParascandolo, with her husband and film director Gulliver Parascandolo, both of Passage Productions, have come together to explore cosplay through a three-dimensional(3D) documentary film entitled Cosplay Dreams 3D. Cosplay is short for costume play, a growing, worldwide activity in which millions of ordinary people, called cosplayers, wear costumes to represent characters in anime, comic books, video games, films and manga (comic books created in Japan).


Cosplay Dreams 3D provides a behind-the-scenes look at the people who participate in cosplay, their motivation and the preparations they make for major events such as Comic-Con International: San Diego (Comic-Con). The documentary film is enhanced by the use of 3D and special effects to help bring the cosplayer characters and their fantasies to life.  The film features interviews with cosplay hobbyists who attend conventions, like Comic-Con, and return to their professional positions Monday morning; people who have turned cosplay into a living by being characters for hire; and internationally-known idols in the cosplay world, such as Yaya Han from Heroes of Cosplay on the Syfy Channel and breakout YouTube singer/songwriter Traci Hines.


The unique subject matter and visual effects (VFX) of the 3D film led to an invitation for the executive producers of Cosplay Dreams 3D to host a panel at Comic-Con.  The panel, entitled Adding Special Effects to Cosplay Pictures and Video, will be held on Friday, July 25th from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in room 30CDE.  Select scenes from the 3D documentary will premiere during the informational panel.  In addition, VFX artists will discuss and demonstrate how to add VFX to photos and video using techniques featured in the film.  All Comic-Con ticket holders are welcome to attend the panel.



The Cosplay Dreams 3D Comic-Con panel participants include:


Gulliver Parascandolo, director and VFX artist, and Christine Kasal Parascandolo, executive producer of Cosplay Dreams 3D, who have a combined 25 years of experience producing and directing films.  The Parascandolos will discuss the inspiration for and making of Cosplay Dreams 3D, including the film making challenges.  They will examine the visual techniques used, such as compositing, 3D camera tracking, particle FX, motion tracking, rotoscoping, digital background extensions, creating and adding 3D CG elements and adding practical elements like fire, smoke and explosions using Adobe After Effect and Photoshop software.


Traci Hines, a singer, songwriter and actress best known for her original music and covers online, as well as her likeness to Disney characters.  Traci will be discussing her approach and reasons for adding visual effects to her latest cosplay-themed music videos; an approach that has opened the doors to millions of fans around the world.


Kayhettin Elysiam, founder of Elysiam Entertainment and the official photographer for Gaming Hollywood, is an expert in adding visual effects to cosplay images.  He will demonstrate a variety of Photoshop techniques for adding effects to cosplay photography.


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