Charity Buzz Has Your Opportunity to Attend the EW Party at Comic-Con

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Admitting that I’m a total pessimist when it comes to these things, I did do a little digging around on the Charity Buzz website and it seems that they do these kind of fundraisers often.  In fact, it seems like their main esthetic.  That being said, one of their auctions is for two tickets to the Entertainment Weekly Party during Comic-Con

This is a huge party held on Saturday, July 26th and is attended by celebrities from both film and television as well as media personalities and the like.  It’s also exclusive.  But this could be your chance, if you have extra cash just lying around.  And if you do, keep me in mind okay? (winkwink)

You can check out the auction here: Two Tickets to EW Party @ Comic-Con — Remember, this is an auction and the price can be staggering.

There are other various experiences as well up for auction, all for a variety of charities to check out!  Visit Charity Buzz for details.


Fine print for WNA – we are not affiliated with Charity Buzz, the celebrities, organizations, or persons it represents or sponsors.  We have no information about the actual auctions, their proceedings or events.  If you have questions about anything on their website, I’d direct you to contact them directly.  As always, please be sure to check out their fine print and take care to note the risks before participating.


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