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San Diego Comic Con '14

Along with attending Comic-Con for the panels and the comics, it’s really become a huge party scene the last few years. I can imagine that it can be a bit hard for those who are dealing with recovery. That’s why if you’re someone who’s in recovery and attending San Diego Comic-Con, check out Nerds In Recovery. Here’s the basic idea!

There are a few things in life I am passionate about, one is sobriety and another is Comic-con (and the geek community as a whole). I have to confess, attending con’s is sort of an addiction of my own and I attend as many as I can, including the fabled and storied Comic-Con but let’s face it, SDCC has become quite the little party scene in the last few years and for those in recovery or still struggling it may be a challenge (more on my own experiences later). So I had this idea last week. Why not create a safe venue where people in recovery can meet, share stories, encourage each other and most of all, have fun without alcohol around. However, I need your (or the web’s) help to do this.

With so little time before the con, I need to get the word out fast! If you or somebody you know would be interested in such an event please let me know! Even if you aren’t in recovery but just don’t like the bar scene this might be for you.

I need help with everything: Finding a venue, programming, getting the word out etc. I know many writers, artist, and other creators are also in recovery and I would love to have them attend as well. It could be a great way to meet people, network and have fun in sobriety. Community is huge for those in recovery and I do believe something like this has a lot of potential.

If this sounds good to you then please let me know.

You can reach me at or on twitter @nerdsinrecovery or

If you’re someone who’s able to help them out, please be sure to get in touch! As you can see, this is kind of a last minute thing but it could be wonderful. If you know of a venue or have any other suggestions, be sure to send an email their way!

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  • This is a great! I’m in Chicago and not attending SDCC, but a place like this would be good for not only those in recovery, but those who choose not to be around alcohol or those who are not permitted to for religious reasons.

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