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The Night’s Biggest Honor, “Fandom of the Year,” to Feature Bracket-Style Voting with 32 Nominees Across Four Sub Genres


“mtvU Fandom Awards Special” featuring Linkin Park to Premiere on MTV and mtvU on Sunday, July 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT


New York, NY (June 19, 2014) – MTV’s 24-hour college network, mtvU, today announced the categories and nominees for the first annual “mtvU Fandom Awards,” the ultimate celebration for diehard fanboys and fangirls to honor their favorite shows and movies of the past year. The categories include “Fandom of the Year,” which features 32 nominees across four brackets, and “Best Fandom Forever” presented with Tumblr, the home for fandoms. All nominees will vie for the awards on Thursday, July 24 at Petco Park during Comic-Con International: San Diego, with MTV and mtvU premiering the 60-minute “mtvU Fandom Awards Special” on Sunday, July 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, celebrating the winners and showcasing some of the best moments from the show. Fandom Award voting starts today at and runs through July 23 at 6 p.m. ET, with fan voting determining the winners for all categories.


The Nominees

The “OMG Moment of the Year” award, which celebrates the craziest fandom moments of the year that sent shockwaves through the worlds of social media and YouTube, includes the series finales of “Breaking Bad” and “How I Met Your Mother.” Those shows will compete with The Purple Wedding episode of “Game of Thrones,” the cast photo of the new “Star Wars” film and the casting of Ben Affleck in “Batman v. Superman.”


Blockbuster film “The Hunger Games” is nominated in the “’Ship of the Year” category, celebrating the unspoken relationships that fandoms are dying to see. “Everlark” (Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark” of “The Hunger Games”) will compete against “Delena” (Damon and Elena from “The Vampire Diaries”), “Johnlock” (Sherlock and John Watson from “Sherlock”), “Destiel” (Dean and Castiel from “Supernatural”) and “Sterek” (Stiles and Derek from “Teen Wolf”).


The past year has seen the creation of several exciting new fandoms. In the “Breakout Fandom of the Year” category, “Hannibal” is up against “Orphan Black,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “Frozen” and “Bates Motel.”


The “mtvU Fandom Awards” is also partnering with Tumblr to honor fandoms that are timeless. In the “Best Fandom Forever” category, or “BFF,” MTV and Tumblr are highlighting massive fandoms that continuously thrive regardless of new releases. The nominees in that category are “Harry Potter,” “The Lord of the Rings,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Doctor Who,” “Batman” and “Sherlock.” As part of the partnership, voting for that category will launch exclusively on Tumblr at a later date and Tumblr will source fan art to be utilized during the “mtvU Fandom Awards Special” on MTV and mtvU.


TV series “Hannibal,” “Supernatural” and “Teen Wolf” each earned multiple “mtvU Fandom Awards” nominations. All three will vie against “Veronica Mars” and “Community” fandoms in the “Fandom Feat of the Year” category, honoring outstanding accomplishments for fandoms over the past year. “Supernatural” and “Teen Wolf” fans raised money for charitable organizations and pro-social causes, while dedicated fans of “Community” and “Hannibal” were able to keep their shows on-air. “Veronica Mars” fans are being nominated for their overwhelming support of the Kickstarter campaign to turn the TV show into a feature film.


The biggest honor of the “mtvU Fandom Awards,” the “Fandom of the Year” award presented by Jolly Rancher Candies, pits 32 obsessive fandoms against each other in an epic bracket that includes four sub genres: Movies, TV Dramas, TV Comedies and Animation. The full list of nominees and online voting for that category will launch at a later date.


The Nominees for the “mtvU Fandom Awards” Are:


OMG Moment of the Year

  • “Star Wars” – new cast photo
  • “Breaking Bad” – series finale
  • “Game of Thrones” – The Purple Wedding
  • “How I Met Your Mother” – series finale
  • Batfleck – Ben Affleck cast in “Batman v. Superman”


‘Ship of the Year (unspoken relationships fandoms are dying to see)

  • Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark “Everlark” (“The Hunger Games”)
  • Dean/Castiel “Destiel” (“Supernatural”)
  • Sherlock/John Watson “Johnlock” (“Sherlock”)
  • Damon/Elena “Delena” (“The Vampire Diaries”)
  • Stiles/Derek “Sterek” (“Teen Wolf”)


Breakout Fandom of the Year (most popular new fandoms)

  • “Hannibal”
  • “Orphan Black”
  • “Sleepy Hollow”
  • “Frozen”
  • “Bates Motel”


Best Fandom Forever (BFF) presented with Tumblr

  • “Harry Potter”
  • “The Lord of the Rings”
  • “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
  • “Doctor Who”
  • “Sherlock”
  • “Batman”


Fandom Feat of the Year

  • “Veronica Mars” – fans were successful in funding a Kickstarter campaign to create the “Veronica Mars” film
  • “Teen Wolf” – fans raised funds to build a wolf sanctuary
  • “Community” – the fandom kept the show on the air by petitioning for more episodes, while also getting back original writer Dan Harmon
  • “Hannibal” – fans used their power to get the show renewed for a second season
  • “Supernatural” – Mischa Collins and the fans of the series created “Random Acts,” raising money for charitable organizations


Fandom of the Year presented by Jolly Rancher Candies – 32 nominees across the following four sub genres to be announced at a later date, with a winner determined by bracket-style voting:

  • Movies
  • TV Dramas
  • TV Comedies
  • Animation


The “mtvU Fandom Awards” and “MTV Fan Fest”

The “mtvU Fandom Awards” honor the fans whose tenacious excitement pushes movies, TV, books and comics from subculture to mainstream worldwide success. To further honor the dedicated fans of Comic-Con, the “MTV Fan Fest” will feature a stirring set from headliners Linkin Park, part of a free party at Petco Park open to all Comic-Con badge holders with food, drinks, games and giveaways. The “MTV Fan Fest” will lead into the “mtvU Fandom Awards” on Thursday, July 24.


Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum rock band Linkin Park is gearing up to release their sixth studio album, “The Hunting Party,” on June 17. The band will kick off their North American Carnivores Tour with Thirty Seconds to Mars and AFI on August 8 in West Palm Beach, Florida. For further info, go to


Eric Conte and Ryan Kroft are the Executive Producers of the “mtvU Fandom Awards.” Gina Esposito is the Executive in Charge of Music Talent; Wendy Plaut is the Executive in Charge of Celebrity Talent. Joe Buoye is the Executive in Charge of Production.


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