#1 Rule: Accept The Fact You’ll Miss Things

San Diego Comic Con

If there’s one thing I always stress to people attending San Diego Comic-Con for the first time, it’s this. You will miss things. You’ll miss panels. You’ll miss parties. You’ll miss exclusives. The sooner you come to terms with this, the better.

Yup. All These People Want To See The Same Stuff.
Yup. All These People Want To See The Same Stuff.

It’s a huge event and it’s impossible to see and do everything. This is why I always suggest to have numerous options on your schedule. It wouldn’t hurt to have four items for Thursday at 1:45PM just in case it turns out that the line is too long for Item A. Or maybe you find out about a cool event that’s happening at the same time. A SDCC schedule is ever changing. You need to be able to go with the flow in order to keep your sanity.

Ya know what? It’s OK to throw your schedule completely out the window as well. I’ve done that before and it was great. I ended up checking out some off-site events that were happening during the day. I took some time to just relax on the back steps of the convention center and watch the boats come and go. It really doesn’t need to be an overwhelming event. You should still be enjoying yourself! I know, relaxing during SDCC is easier said than done, but we deal with enough stress just planning on attending, we shouldn’t add extra stress during!

Just remember that there are enough panels, events, and other things going on that no matter what, you can still have a great time even if you miss something. Don’t let that get you down and ruin your Con. Don’t focus on the things you missed, focus on the amazing things you managed to see and do!


  • Very good post Barbara, I attended for the 1st time last year and completely through everything out the window and really went with the flow. The Force seemed to be with me for the convention and I saw and did things that I wouldn’t have done because of my decision. and one of these was I got to meet you and Megan and take pics!

  • I always made a detailed schedule with options and end up throwing it all out and going with the flow. Execellent advice!!

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