Be Sure To Pack Your Manners! Hannibal Is Coming To SDCC!

Panels, San Diego Comic Con '14

Last night there was a “Hannibal” screening event and along with talking about which parts of “Red Dragon” everyone is excited to bring to the screen, this little nugget of information was dropped as well.

It shouldn’t be a huge surprise. “Hannibal” has quickly become a favorite among San Diego Comic-Con attendees. Not only do the fans embrace the show, the show embraces the fans which is always great to see. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Nerd HQ panel happen as well. While nothing has been announced yet, Hugh Dancy did take part in a panel last year. I know Nerd HQ frequently has return guests so just keep that in mind when trying to work out your schedules!

Are you excited about the news? Anyone planning cosplay in honor of the show? Let us know!

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