An Englishman In San Diego presents: A Conversation with David Glanzer

San Diego Comic Con

Leonard is at it again! This time he’s managed to snag David Glanzer, Director of Press & Public Relations, for an interview! It takes place tomorrow, May 30th. Here’s all the info!

An Englishman In San Diego presents: A Conversation with David Glanzer (Director of Press & Public Relations, CCI)

Hangout - On Air with David Glanzer (30th May 2014) (google+ banner)

30th May 2014: 10am PST/ 1pm EST / 6pm GMT

Moderated by Leonard Sultana (ukdeejay), this is a special opportunity for the public face of Comic-Con International – David Glanzer –  to interact directly with attendees and fans of this incredible event.

With eight weeks to go until this years San Diego Comic-Con, plans are afoot to make 2014 one of the most epic and memorable Cons to date. News and updates are starting to trickle in about what attendees can expect this July. However, questions are already being raised about the future of Comic-Con International: how CCI will manage badge sales for Cons to come, the relationship the Con continues to develop with the city of San Diego, and the future of Comic-Con when the current contract with the Convention Centre expires.

Take part in this conversation LIVE on the Google+ Event Page ( and interact by clicking the Q&A button on the video preview window; watch live on YouTube (; and lastly, you can tweet your questions to Leonard Sultana at

Sadly, I’ll still be at work which means I’ll have to watch it later when I get home. If you have any questions be sure to check out the links above to ask them!

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