Night On Zombie Island! Plus More Info On The SDCC Zombie Walk!

San Diego Comic Con '14

That’s right! The 8th Annual SDCC Zombie Walk will be happening once again this year! The event will take place Saturday, July 26th with more details to be released in the coming weeks. Don’t worry though, we have some tasty tidbits for you!

There’s a theme! Hey, even zombies like a good theme party. This year the theme is “Night on Zombie Island.” If you’re confused just picture art deco tropical/voodoo feel. Just think of the movie “White Zombie” from 1932 with horror legend Bela Lugosi. Got it? Awesome! Unlike in years past, this year the after party will be crowd funded and will feature some amazing perks, including posters and shirts featuring the artwork of Gris Grimly! Have issues doing your own zombie makeovers? Don’t worry, that will be a perk as well! That’s right, you could get a zombie makeover for you and a friend! The crowd funding will be broken into two parts, with the first round being the most important. It’s to secure venue and take care of entertainment costs. There will be more details on that soon!

It gets better though. Are you a SoCal local? If so, be sure to check out the prom themed pre-party at Johnny’s Saloon! It’s on Friday, May 16th and is another way to show support for this awesome all ages SDCC event.

Miss the days of high school prom? We’re bringing it back from the dead… the undead, to be exact! In preparation for the zombie prom being held in San Diego this summer during Comic-Con, we’re throwing a pre-party!

Join us Friday, May 16th for the spooky shenanigans, monstrous music, creepy cocktails, zany zombie antics… and maybe even a short shamble! Put on your undead finest and come party with your fellow walkers!

Sounds like a blast right? Oh and the best part? As I was writing this I received some breaking news! The Night on Zombie Island Indiegogo campaign is live! That’s right! Just click that link and you can help support this great event. Seriously, there’s nothing like this during San Diego Comic-Con. It’s always amazing to see a horde of zombies wandering around the Gaslamp.


I mean look at this artwork? Isn’t it amazing? So what are you waiting for? If you love this annual event, be sure to go show your support and help them make it happen! Plus for every t-shirt a $1 will be donated to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network and for every poster sold a $1 to the Autism Women’s Network!

Once we have more info on the 2nd round of fundraising we’ll let you know!

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