C2E2 2014 Is A Wrap


10153007_10152385806031221_478152339081707649_nAs much as I love San Diego, C2E2 is very much close to my heart. It’s in a city where I have friends, it’s large enough to give you a little bit of everything but not crazy enough to where you feel overwhelmed. I honestly think it’s the perfect show for someone who’s new to conventions. You have a nice selection of panels, including some TV, cosplay, and of course comics.

This year the show was once again moved to another hall in the convention center and I have to say, it was much easier to get around versus last year. Friday it was a breeze walking around the floor and Artist Alley. The aisles were nice and wide, everything was laid out well. The real test was Saturday. It was your typical crowded Saturday that every convention has. Even though it felt more crowded because of the amount of fans, I still had enough room and space to get around. I think what helps is like the San Diego Convention Center, the McCormick has enough space that you can find a quiet spot to rest and catch your breath. You can hang out in the large hall near the floor entrance, or go a few floors down where you’ll find a few food options. If you need your “me” time, you can find a spot for it during C2E2.

While I only attended three panels this year, there was a real nice selection to choose from. I was impressed to see the amount of cosplay related panels that were included in the schedule. You had everything from a panel with Yaya Han to the legal aspects of cosplay and of course what’s becoming a staple at ReedPop shows, the “I can’t Sew but must cosplay” panel. If cosplay’s your thing, they had you covered. Of course Marvel was there in full force with a number of comic related panels including panels for Wolverine, Original Sin, and more. On the comics front you had BOOM! Studios, Dark Horse, and DC Comics plus more that I’m sure I’m forgetting.

As always, Artist Alley was great. It really has become my favorite part of any convention. I know during SDCC it’s hard to find the time but if you attend smaller shows, please be sure to visit Artist Alley! It’s a great place to discover new artists, writers, or be able to visit and shake the hands of comic veterans. I didn’t see as much of AA that I would have liked but what I did see was amazing. I’ve become good Con friends with some people and it was great to see them again and get a few additions to my sketchbook.

Honestly, this was such a laid back convention for me! I had such a great time just taking my time and walking around the floor. I can’t remember the last time I was that relaxed during a Con. Those who attend a number of conventions a year know what I mean. They start to feel like work, and not as much fun, but then you hit one where everything just falls into place! My group of friends probably helped. We don’t stress over attending the same panels, or hanging out together all day. We each do our own thing which is the way to do it. I can’t stress that enough. If you attend a convention with a large group, it’s OK to split up! Everyone will have a much better Con because of it!

If you couldn’t tell, I highly recommend checking out C2E2 if you can. The show never disappoints and is just getting bigger and better every year. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get too big though! I am interested to see if they add another day soon. I don’t think it work hurt but maybe in another year or two. Did you attend C2E2? What did you think?

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