Help Support This Years Nerd HQ!

San Diego Comic Con '14

If you’re familiar with San Diego Comic-Con, then you probably know what Nerd HQ is. If you don’t know, it’s an event put on my Zachary Levi of “Chuck” and features panels, gaming, celebrities, parties, and more. It is NOT part of Comic-Con and anyone can attend. It’s all free except for the panels. The cost of those tickets gets donated to Operation Smile. It really is a great time and I highly recommend checking it out.

This year The Nerd Machine is crowdfunding Nerd HQ. It’s not cheap to run an event like this. I’ve looked up renting space before during Comic-Con and it’s expensive. I can only imagine what it costs to put on an event of this scale, especially at a venue like Petco Park. Their goal is $1,00,000 which sounds like a lot but they’ve already raised $23,000 and it just keeps going up. I love sitting here watching the number go higher and higher.

If you love Nerd HQ and want to see it continue be sure to sponsor I Want My Nerd HQ and help spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and whatever other social platforms you use. If you do check it out, you’ll notice that there aren’t any physical perks. I can understand this. The costs of perks would take away from the money that could go towards the event. I honestly think perks is what can make or break a campaign. It really can cost you if you don’t do all the math. I’d much rather just give a donation and not worry about getting something in the mail. Your name will be added to a special wall though!

All contributors will be part of the #NerdHQArmy, an exclusive email list that will receive updates, photos, videos and much more throughout our event planning process that can’t be found anywhere else. Your name will also be placed on our “Nerd HQ Wall of Honor” at the event and on our contributor page on But most importantly, for your contribution, you will receive our eternal gratitude, loyalty and our pledge to bring you the best NerdHQ ever!

Zachary Levi and Nerd HQ has done a lot for us and for Operation Smile. I think it’s time for us to help them out as well. Now, go forth and spread the word!

One thought on “Help Support This Years Nerd HQ!

  • I donated, and then realized after I gave them money that I was really donating money to admire them party it up at night and not be invited.
    Like this sad person just looking in a window of the cool kids having party.

    But also the panels. I’m sad I missed Tom Hiddleston’s last year, but we caught Vin Diesel’s when we were just hanging out

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