Putting the “Fun” in “Funko” at the 2014 NY Toy Fair!!

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Photos are by Erin Kowalsky

Of all the companies showing off toys and products at Toy Fair I think it is safe to say that Funko stands above all in terms of the sheer number of products and fan responses.

I would be hard-pressed to find another company that has its finger on the pulse of exactly what their customers would want as well as a great sense of timing in terms of getting items from various trending properties out and into the stores before many of their own competitors can craft a decent prototype.

While POP figures might arguably be their cornerstone line Funko is constantly working on coming up with new styles of figures that they can use on their vast licenses. From Game of Thrones Mystery Minis to Regular Show POP Figures to Big Lebowski Wacky Wobblers to Escape from New York retro style Reaction Figures there is no end to the ways that they are poised to take the pop culture collectibles market by storm yet again in 2014.

Lets start things off by talking a little about their Mystery Minis. These blind box collectible figures are a two inch piece of heaven that come in a variety of licenses such as Game of Thrones, AMC’s The Walking Dead, Marvel Comics, The Big Bang Theory, Horror Monsters, A Nightmare Before Christmas, and My Little Pony.

Funko is bring back Kenner-style retro figures in such a big way it’s as if they went back in time with a DeLorean and returned with a king’s ransom worth of old school figures. These 3.75 inch figures are a great throwback to the toys of yesteryear complete with the original lack of articulation that made the figures so durable!

Be on the look out for figs from Escape from New York, Firefly, The Rocketeer, The Terminator, Predator, Alien, and Universal Monsters. It was also suggested that Firefly fans should be on the look out for an upcoming Comic-Con exclusive version of Jayne who may or may not be wearing a certain hat….

Throwing their hat into the 6 inch figure ring, Funko is coming out with a couple of different lines in this scale with the detail that one would expect from similarly marketed action figures. The Game of Thrones and Magic The Gathering Legacy figures look amazing but I was truly surprised by the Fantastic Mister Fox figures.

Plush is the name of the game when it comes to these adorable Fabrikations figures. I was also impressed by the artist render drawings that were integrated onto the package deco. Also, check out the attitude on the facial expressions on these Marvel, Star Wars and Batman themed releases.

Another cool style that was show was the Hikari style figures. Batman and Ninja Turtles are the licenses currently shown but there are a ton of variants that range from clear glitter to a fully metallic deco scheme and everything in-between.

The bobble-head crazy continues its steady march forward as Funko unveils a strong show of force when it comes to their Wacky Wobbler arsenal. The licenses here are almost too many to list but I’d like to note the Sons of Anarchy, Scarface (with car!!!) and The Dark Knight.

Last but DEFINITELY not least is the ever popular POP! line! The lines shown here are so vast, so awesome, and so worthy of note that I’m going to go ahead and just do them as one big lot of photos with a list of the properties that were on display.

S0 here we go!

Assassin’s Creed
Who Framed Rodger Rabbit
Arrested Development
Despicable Me
Game of Thrones
Mass Effect
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Star Wars
Teen Titans GO!
The Muppets
Star Trek
Horror Monsters
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sons of Anarchy
Masters of the Universe
Regular Show
Adventure Time
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Mr Peabody and Sherman
My Little Pony
Iron Giant
Lost in Space
Jay and Silent Bob
Mary Popins
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Amazing Spider-Man 2
Guardians of the Galaxy
Back to the Future
Duck Dynasty
A Christmas Story
Finding Nemo
The Lino King
How to Train Your Dragon
World of Warcraft
Kill Bill
Pulp Fiction

Rumor also has it that an amazing POP! exclusive being planned for Comic-Con is The Gimp from Pulp Fiction whose packaging is actually the wooden box that he came out of in the move and also blood splattered version of the characters from the Tarantino films!


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