Pre-Toy Fair 2014: DC Collectibles’ Line-Up Shown!

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MTV was just given access to DC Collectibles’ entire 2014 Toy Fair line-up! While the international expo doesnt open its doors until Sunday they have been gracious enough to offer a very big look at all of the products that will be released in the coming months!

Some highlights from the gallery are figures based off of animated releases such as the very popular Batman The Animated Series, and Son of Batman, and releases based on the styles seen in comics and video games!

We’ll be bringing you more from DC Collectibles as well as plenty of other companies from the New York Toy Fair in just a few days!!

Check out the gallery below as well as the official text from MTV’s site below that!

This weekend Toy Fair will be in full swing in New York City, showing off the latest and greatest action figures and collectibles to potential big-store buyers and press. And just like in the cineplex, one of the biggest markets for toys is superheroes; none bigger than DC Entertainment. That’s why we’re pleased to present, exclusively, the entire DC Collectibles line being shown off at Toy Fair, right here, right now.

Though you won’t see figures from the DC based movies (so sorry, no sneak peeks at “Batman vs. Superman“), you will get high-end collectibles based on or inspired by the comics, animation and games from DC Entertainment’s many, many properties. This year, new lines and collectibles include:

» Figures from the many venerated “Batman” animated series, including Catwoman, Two Face, Mr. Freeze, and the Dark Knight himself.

» Several figures based on current “Batman” artist Greg Capullo’s new look for the characters, including the Red Hood, Batman in giant “Thrasher” armor, and more.

» A line based on the upcoming “Son of Batman” animated feature.

» Figures from DC’s digital comic “Batman: Li’l Gotham.”

» Blocky wood figures of Batman and Superman.

» A new porcelain doll of Death, from Vertigo’s “The Sandman.”

» Figures based on the current comic book continuity Supergirl, Batgirl, and Nightwing.

» Direct from the new video game “Infinite Crisis,” 6″ action figures of Harley Quinn, Atomic Green Lantern, and Poison Ivy, among others.

And if all that wasn’t enough, there’s also a new line of (Bat)man Cave items, including a Super-Villain Poker set, Dart Board and pool cues. There’s plenty more to check out, so take a look at our photo gallery for all the items.

The figures and collectibles will be released throughout 2014, and will be viewable this weekend at Toy Fair in New York. Stay tuned to MTV News for plenty more coverage of the event.


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