3A Announces 1/6 Scale Iron Man Figure

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Boutique action figure designer 3A has finally announced when their first Marvel Comics action figure will be made available for preorder.

The first in the line is a very stylized Iron Man that comes in four distinct styles, two of which will be exclusively available through Bambaland. The line goes up for sale at some time in February 12th.

This is just the tip of their Marvel iceberg, too! We will keep our eyes out for more announcements from 3A as they come.

But for now here is the official pre-order announcement.

Feb 13th will see the release in our ongoing MARVEL line, I’m super excited about this line! Soon we can share Doctor Doom, Ultron, Spidey, Thor and Cap and more! I grew up in Perth Australia, reading Marvel, dreaming of drawing comics for them, so to be able to make our own versions of Marvel characters here at 3A is incredible. Now If only I could make the comics based on the toys, these designs are linked in my mind, a 3A secret war if you will!

The Prototype (3AA only) and Stealth Iron Man are exclusive to Bambaland. As a side note, the shipping version of Stealth Iron Man will have red eyes, not blue like the images show!





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