There Will Be No 10% Refund Fee!

If you haven’t checked out the Friends of CCI forums you should. It’s filled with great information and people. Some of the discussions are pretty interesting and they’ve started to […]

LEGO’s 2014 Toy Fair Showroom

Kicking off Toy Fair on an fun and VERY early foot, the LEGO group hosted its annual sneak preview where invited members of the press, among others, got a chance […]

Toy Fair 2014 Photo Parade!

Here is a slew of random photos from Toy Fair while we go ahead and work on write-ups for individual companies which should be released over the next couple of […]

Hasbro’s 2014 Toy Fair Showroom + Contest

Earlier today Hasbro had invited select members of the press to enjoy their annual Toy Fair off-site showroom! There is A LOT of stuff to get through so we’ll do […]