Dates for SDCC 2015? ::SPECULATION::

San Diego Comic Con

We still have six months before this year’s San Diego Comic-Con but the time lord in me is always looking to the future and beyond!

Sniffing around the San Diego Convention Center’s website we found that the 2015 SDCC was not listed on it’s post of upcoming events but there was a glaring two week hole in its schedule where SDCC should fit in.


Looking at the schedule, the next show in the building is the ESRI event which starts on Monday the 20th but looking at their schedule of events over a couple of years it seems that ESRI is open the full weekend before allowing people to register for their badges as well as a couple of pre-show conferences before they kick into full gear. This weekend is also probably used to set up their floors and booths so it’s a safe bet that the 18th & 19th is also booked up since it’s impossible for both shows to use the same space at the same time.

Another possibility is the first week of July but to be honest that is the Fourth of July weekend and the odds of them running the event on the same weekend as a national holiday are slim. As far as bookings go there is a slot big enough for not only the con but also the time it takes to build all of the booths and prepare the floor but this doesn’t fit too good from an event planner’s point of view. San Diego doesn’t go all out for the Fourth of July but combining SDCC with that runs the risk of stretching out the city’s resources too thin for comfort, and in the eyes of public safety that’s a big no no.

Based off of this evidence I would have to assume that it is safe to say that the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con will be July 9th through the 12th (my birthday FYI) with Preview Night on the 8th.



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