Clydene Nee Needs Your Support

San Diego Comic Con

If you aren’t familiar with the name Clydene Nee has been the Artist Alley Coordinator since 1989 for San Diego Comic-Con. She’s the person you can thank for all the amazing talent that has graced the Comic-Con floor over the years. She spent 7 years as a colorist working for Image, Dark Horse, and others. Her biggest notable accomplishment was doing color studies for Spawn at it’s inception where Todd Mcfarlane finally settled on the red and black color scheme Clydene had submitted. Well, now she needs your help. Mark Brooks has shared the following information:

Around Thanksgiving this year things unfortunately took a turn for the worse with Clydene falling into Kidney Failure and having to have emergency surgery to have a tunnel catheter put into her chest to feed tubes into her heart for dialysis. Her levels were so high that her bone marrow was no longer producing red blood cells and she was in full renal failure. She is hoping to have the tubes removed this week due to the danger of them causing a heart attack or developing a clot.

After a second surgery to graft fistulas to her body for ongoing dialysis, she placed herself on the kidney transplant list. Unfortunately her insurance deems kidney transplants as elective surgery and will only partially cover the very expensive surgery. Adding insult to injury is the 3 times a week she has to receive dialysis treatment at a whopping $3000 a pop. The wait time for a kidney transplant can be months or even years meaning she could be receiving these treatments for a while. She been forced to move to a smaller apartment closer to the hospital and maintain her job since going on any sort of disability would make the transplant unobtainable. So Clydene, through all this, is having to keep up with her day to day job just so she can have some of her treatment covered through insurance and be able to eat and keep a roof over her head. Even with all this, Clydene will have massive medical bills that she will be struggling with for a log time to come even once this hurdle is overcome. She has kept all of this private and is just now telling her friends about her situation.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help raise funds to cover her numerous medical expenses. They’ve already blown past the initial goal but obviously they want to raise as much as possible. If you’re someone who’s enjoyed her work over the years, including what she’s done for San Diego Comic-Con, please consider making a small donation!

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