SDCC 2014: New Prices And No 4 Day Badges *UPDATED*

San Diego Comic Con '14

I’m sure by now most of you have seen the update from CCI about badges. We still don’t have a date but the information that was provided is just as important.

New for 2014! Only single day badges will be sold. The Preview Night badge option may only be purchased if you buy a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday badge. Preview Night is not a stand alone badge option. As in 2013, anyone who purchases a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday badge will have the option of consolidating them into one 4-Day badge onsite.

The good news is, you can still combine all your badges if you’re one of the lucky few who scores all four days. The major concern I’ve seen floating around Twitter though centers around the checkout process when purchasing the badges. Will your items stay in your cart until your done? Is there a chance you get to the final stage and you see a message that your items are no longer available? If you’ve ever tried to purchase a Mondo poster during a drop you know how frustrating that can be. It’s even happened to people purchasing tickets via website like TicketMaster. Hopefully as we get closer to the actual sale date CCI will share more information and ease those concerns.

As far as prices go:


You’ll notice there is a slight increase which isn’t a huge surprise. Since the end of the last event there were rumors and talks of CCI upping the price for badges. If you plan on trying to purchase every day, including Preview Night, be sure to put aside $200. Hopefully you already started saving! As others have pointed out, it’s interesting that Preview Night is more expensive than Sunday. Does this mean Preview Night will feature more panels? Sunday has been a pretty huge TV day in the past (Supernatural, Doctor Who) even though it is the last day of the convention. In contrast, Preview Night normally only features a few pilot screenings but nothing to write home about in the panel/guests department.

As far as my own thoughts on all of this, I’m not sure what to think exactly. If everything goes smooth during the check out process, does it matter that you had to select each day? Of course if it doesn’t go smoothly, you can expect a very vocal fanbase to hit Twitter and let CCI know exactly how they feel. I’m hoping that maybe this Single Day Only experiment will let more people, not more as in numbers but more as in a variety, attend this amazing show. This will also weed out those people who even know they knew they can only attend certain days, would purchase a 4 Day Badge anyway. Yes, people would do this. I think it’s almost a natural instinct to purchase whatever comes up on the screen. We’ve reached the age where we’re paranoid about San Diego Comic-Con selling out in seconds that we just go with whatever option is presented.

Just remember, there is something to do and see every day during Comic-Con. If you miss out on scoring badges for the entire event, there is an amazing off-site scene that goes on now. You have Nerd HQ, movie screenings, parties, and studios setting up exhibits outside of the convention center. If you are trying to figure out which day is most important to you, I recommend going back and looking at the schedules for the past years. In most cases, they stay the same. A perfect example is that Marvel is always on Saturday. If that’s your thing and the reason you’re going, you’ll want to concern yourself with going after that first.

I know it’s hard not to panic but keeping calm will be the key here. We can’t change what CCI does and how they work, but we can try to adjust as they do. In the end they really are trying to figure out a way to make it easier on everyone, including themselves.

What do you think about the changes? What are your concerns?


It looks like CCI has heard your concerns and posted a Toucan Blog entry discussing the changes. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • For those who want to attend the entire show, simply check the Preview Night box, and all other badges (Thursday through Sunday) will be automatically checked for you. Just one click to get your 4-day with Preview Night option!
  • The decision to move from a 4-Day badge option to single day badge options was to give each attendee more flexibility when purchasing. Since we no longer offer a discount for purchasing all four days, the 4-Day option was repetitive and often lead to people purchasing a 4-Day badge despite not needing to attend every day.

And here’s a screenshot they included of Step 2 of the process:


Does this news change your thoughts on the changes? Let us know!


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