San Diego Comic-Con Preregistration Will Not Occur In November!

San Diego Comic Con '14

I think by now it’s safe to say this isn’t a surprise. Since Thanksgiving is next weekend, they pretty much ran out of November. I’d expect to to be sometime in December but I have no inside information on that! It’s just a guess on my part. Here’s more from CCI:

We wanted to give everyone a heads up that 2014 badge preregistration for Comic-Con will not occur in November. EPIC registration is fine tuning the process and needs a little more time to make sure everything is in order. As soon as we have a better idea of the timeline we will let everyone know at least 48 hours prior to preregistration going live. So in the meantime, please relax and enjoy your upcoming Thanksgiving weekend!

The post features some other tips too like making sure to double check your Member ID, making sure you’re receiving the emails, and the most important thing, that you’re eligible.

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