Take Part In A New York Comic-Con Cosplay Video!

New York Comic Con

I’m just the messenger here and don’t know all the details. If you’re interested in taking part, read all the information below and email Chris!

S’up y’all. I’ve been tasked by NYCC (for real-real, not play play) to recruit 40 cosplayers from an OFFICIAL New York Comic Con Cosplay Music video. Here’s the info I can share:

“…we (Reed, NYCC’s parent company) are producing a Cosplayer music video at NYCC. We are looking to shoot sequences of CPs posing and moving in artful manners but also keeping it fun and playful at the same time. Our goal is to create a compelling showcase featuring the amazing CP talent in and around the NYC area using the backdrop of our show as a canvas.

We are looking for 40 diverse and impressive CPs to participate on Thurs, 10/10. We will shoot in a 3 to 4 hour block of time before the show opens at 3pm – prob 10a – 2p.”

So if you’re interested (Note, don’t expect any free swag, badges, early access or anything, it’s STRICTLY for funsy), feel free to drop me a line at Ctroy824@gmail.com with your name, you’re character and a photo of said costume. I’ll try to answer any question you may have here or at said email address.

Again, if you have any questions or want to join in on the fun, be sure to contact Chris! He’s a good guy and legit!

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