New York Comic-Con Adds RFID To Badges

New York Comic Con

If you’re going to New York Comic-Con this year, you’ll want to pay attention to this. This yea they’ve introduced RFID to badges and calling it your NYCC-ID.

New York Comic Con is switching to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Badges. These new Badges will be individual and personalized, your NYCC-ID. This means each NYCC-ID Badge now contains a unique microchip that is unique to only your Badge. This little chip is being integrated to make your NYCC experience better, smoother, easier, safer and more fun! This little chip also ensures pesky counterfeiters can’t sell you a crappy, wannabe NYCC Badge. If you’re caught with a counterfeit Badge you’ll be asked to leave NYCC 2013 immediately. It sounds harsh, but we’re cracking down on the crooks to make your experience 100x cooler!

Once you receive your badge (remember NYCC mails them out and sells in store), you can go online to activate it. It’ll unlock special features and other extra goodies. As far as how it all works exactly?

You’re going to have to tap your Badge with a member of the NYCC-ID Patrol (they’re those crew members you will see holding scanners at all the entrances and exits at the show). When you enter the building, you MUST tap your NYCC-ID Badge. When you exit the building, you MUST tap it again on your way out. Every time you see a NYCC-ID Patrol member on your way in or out, you MUST tap your NYCC-ID Badge. You can practice tapping your NYCC-ID Badge before you get to NYCC. When your cat walks by, tap it. When your little brother walks by, tap him. Make sure you teach your friends how to tap their NYCC-ID Badges too, so they’ll be ready to go when they get to NYCC!

I agree with the tapping to get in but the leaving part should be interesting. I just wonder how many people are going to forget on the way out. I hope this doesn’t lead to a bottleneck situation with entering and leaving the convention. I am glad to see a convention though take serious steps to try and cut down on counterfeit badges. It makes you wonder if San Diego Comic-Con is going to start looking into this.

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