Hotel Review: Courtyard By Marriott SD Mission Valley

San Diego Comic Con

Another hotel review! Thanks again to everyone who sends them in!

Courtyard by Marriott SD Mission Valley Review
By: Theresa

I booked a room through the Travel Planner’s website but since I was a newbie, I accidentally put this hotel at the top of the list and since it’s not a preferred hotel, Travel Planner’s sure did let me book this hotel. I really wanted a Gaslamp hotel and tried to find an opening since February with no luck. Since I had stayed at the Marriott in Burbank for The Grand Slam Convention and I am a Marriott Rewards member, I chose this hotel as first choice for non-downtown hotels. The Marriott brand was one I trusted and their hotels are fairly luxurious for a reasonable price.


Price: Like I mentioned, the price was better than the $300 hotels wanted in the Gaslamp District. I paid about $200 a night and that is pretty reasonable.

The aesthetics and comfort ability factor. Since I am older, this is important to me and aids in having a comfortable and less tiring time. The lobby was well decorated and appealing to look at as well as my room. It was large and the air conditioner worked good for this always hot lady! Lol. The room was cleaned daily and the hotel was quiet and walls thick enough to drown out most noises. The bed and pillows were comfortable and I don’t please easily in this category.

Amenities: There was a buffet breakfast for sale called the Comic-Con buffet or you could order off a fairly varied menu. I ordered room service (a gourmet BLT and Turkey sandwich w/ fries) on Saturday night and the food was delivered quickly and it was good! I asked for a bucket of ice and they said they would fill the ice machine later but they gave me a bucket any way. I thought this was great and I ordered just before closing and they still accommodated me. The price was $17.00 which wasn’t bad since it included a fee for delivery. There was a nice pool/spa there and it was great to have after a long aching day. The hotel also had a snack room you could choose from and buy at the front desk. There was emergency supplies for sale as well such as mints, batteries etc.

Shuttle Bus: The Shuttle stop was at the corner of the hotel and the buses arrived and left quickly and got us to the convention center on time.


Too far from Convention: I still would have preferred being next door to the convention since I tired out easily and had to lug around a heavy back pack each day. That was very hard for me and I got a headache from it. I still enjoyed the con no matter what happened but a place to go to and rest close is most important and I wouldn’t have had to carry my luggage to the Con on Sunday. That was very hard.

Hidden Refrigerator: I had a Fridge and didn’t even know it! It was very well hidden but a plus if I knew about it. I drank my required Go-Girl’s warm each morning because of my ignorance!

Buffet: The buffet was expensive and the food wasn’t good in my opinion. I ordered from the breakfast grill on Sunday and it was much better food.

Even though there wasn’t may con’s to my list, I still want to stay at a Gaslamp hotel for next year but for anybody that doesn’t mind this, this hotel should be at the top of your list for 2nd choice next year. There was friendly staff, nice appearance and amenities, and good room service.

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