SDCC 2013 Celebrity Encounters Part 2

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Here we go again with another round of great stories and happy smiles!

Dixie shared this tale:

Attached is a photo of me and my husband, Rob, with one of my all-time favorite writer/directors, Edgar Wright.

Rob and I were standing in line at the King of the Nerds Cereal Bar when I read a tweet that said the first seven fans to make it onto one of The World’s End pedi-pubs at the corner of 6th and Island would get to meet Edgar Wright. Rob and I jumped out of line and ran up the street. We were fans #4 and #5 to make it to the pedi-pub. Once everyone else showed up, we pedaled over to Hard Rock and were lead upstairs, where Mr. Wright was waiting in a conference room. He shook all of our hands and, after a round table discussion and Q&A about the movie, he signed posters for us, took group shots and individuals. He was very warm and gracious. It was such an awesome experience. Definitely the highlight of my Comic Con this year! (It’s just the dye design of my jeans that makes it look like I wet my pants, although I was pretty darn excited.)

Dixie’s story is the perfect example of why it pays to be flexible, to be Twitter, and to act fast!

Tom sent in this pic of his daughter, Maggie, with Zachary Levi. Who has that bigger smile?


Conseulo ( @TenIsMyDoctor_ on Twitter) shows us the importance of keeping your eyes peeled no matter where you are!

I bumped into Steven Moffat across the street from the convention center!


Sarah (SarJo87 on Twitter) has a couple great pics to share:

John Barrowman, who not only embarrassed me beyond belief (I enjoyed every second of it though), but we found out we grew up in the same city. This lead to a free photo op ticket.
I also ran into Mark Gatiss at Cafe Defiance. He was absolutely wonderful and so very nice when I politely asked if I could get a photo with him.



Alvin shared two encounters from on the floor of the convention center:

Evangeline Lilly while she was signing her new book at the Weta booth.  The other is with Kelly Hu; she was at the Quantum Mechanix booth collecting donations for the Best Buddies charity.

 lily hu


Mia shared this trifecta of photos:

I met Bryan Lee O’Malley (tall Asian guy), Yaya Han (only female), and Cosplay in America (guy I’m hitting with a hammer). Wahoo!


Such great pics! It’s always so fun to see who people run into at SDCC! Do you have any celebrity encounter photos to share? E-mail them to me at:!

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