Nerd HQ Does It Again

NerdHQ, San Diego Comic Con '13

This year was the 2nd time I was able to attend a few panels at Nerd HQ. It’s always high on my list. If I can help out those in need and save valuable time, I’m in. Plus they always bring it with A+ talent and this year was no different. They hosted Conversations for a Cause with Psych, Riddick, Doctor Who, Nathan Fillion, and Tom Hiddleston. Those are just a handful of what was offered during Nerd HQ. If you couldn’t get tickets to the panels, you still had plenty to keep you busy. They had video games, a photo booth, and a life size Iron Man on display.

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This year the event was held at Petco Park. I’ll admit when I first heard about it, I wasn’t sure how it would work. Would we sit outside for panels? What about the general layout? Once I arrived for Psych on Thursday (first panel of the year), my fears were put to rest. The panel set up was great. As someone who’s height challenged, the fact that the stadium seating was used was a real blessing. In years past it’s just been folding chairs. I don’t know if it was because of the seating but the area felt even more intimate than in previous years. It was well organized but I noticed it got even better throughout the weekend. It was nice to see the small changes that were made.

Along with Psych, I attended Jensen & Jared (Supernatural) and was lucky enough to attend the Tom Hiddleston Conversation as well. While it’s great to attend a panel at Comic-Con that features an entire cast of a show or movie, it’s even better to have just a handful of cast, or even one person. It just feels more relaxed. I think it allows the celebrities to let loose a bit and have a bit more fun. I mean, where else are you going to see Tom do his impersonation of Chris Evans or a Velociraptor? How about watching Jared devour a bag of gummy bears that a fan gave him? Plus watching Zac Levi respond to some of the questions and comments are priceless. You can tell he’s just as much a fan of these guests as we are. If you missed out on some panels, you can watch them online. You might even catch a glimpse of me during the Psych panel. I managed to ask a question and not make a fool out of myself.

I wish I had spent more time checking out the rest of Nerd HQ. I feel like I missed a lot even though I did attend a fair amount of panels. I really wanted to check out the dance party they had Thursday night but I already had plans. I know some people were frustrated with the way tickets were sold during Comic-Con. Personally I left an event early in order to purchase Jared & Jensen tickets. Just think about your own Con schedule for a moment. Pretty insane right? Now imagine you’re someone who has to do a panel, then press, then an autograph signing, then some studio/network things. Exactly. It can’t be easy for them to find time for Nerd HQ, especially if someone is town to perform a top secret performance during a certain Marvel panel. The fact that these celebrities are taking time out of their already busy schedules should really be applauded. They don’t have to do this. They do this because they love their fans, they love helping others, and they want to support Zac.

I hope Nerd HQ sticks with using Petco Park next year. I think it could be even better. Since they’ve used the space once, I’m sure it’ll be easier for them to see what works and what doesn’t. Did you attend Nerd HQ? What did you think?


  • I went to the Thrilling Adventure Hour panel, my first time at Nerd HQ for anything actually. They stuffed that stage with a dozen cast members. It was quite fun, as evidenced by how much fun all of them clearly have hanging out together. But my god, before any of them came out, the door opened and Nathan Fillion stepped out to say he’d be the moderator. Wasn’t expecting that surprise! Woo-hoo!!

  • Tickets were still available at the con??? I tried to buy tix for Jared and Jensen online but they were sold out? Could I have bought tix while the con was going on? I’m confused.

    • No. What I meant was tickets went on sale while SDCC was still going on. That not all tickets went on sale before SDCC week started.

  • Went to psych-joe-haven-Frankenstein-Jensen & Jarrod While I was initially miffed about Nathan and Tom so late in game but realized it gave more people a chance to go. But still sad I missed Tom

  • I attended the Riddick panel and the Joss Whedon panel. Both were awesome and I was able to ask a question in both.

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