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San Diego Comic Con

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Review of the Westgate Hotel
By: Stephanie

My friend and I stayed at the Westgate Hotel for the first time this year. It was an interesting experience. As soon as we walked in, it felt like we were leaving Comic-Con and entering a BBC production of a Jane Austen novel or something. Very old fashioned, very classy, which was a weird vibe for Comic Con. That being said, they did provide some perks that have made us give serious thought to requesting this hotel again next year, despite its off-putting atmosphere.


1. FREE WIFI! Usually there is a $15/day ‘luxury fee’ added onto the price of the room, which included the wifi. For Comic Con, they waived this fee. In fact, my friend and I ended up putting aside $85 each TOO much for the hotel, and that was after ordering room service on two separate occasions. This alone was enough to make me really consider this hotel again next year.

2. Good location. This hotel is on 2nd and Broadway, right behind the Horton Plaza, in the heart of the Gaslamp. It wasn’t a bad walk, and you pass through all of the cool stuff set up around downtown. A couple of times, my friend and I grabbed a cab because we were running late, and it was only $7 from the hotel to Nerd HQ at Petco Park.

3. Free water. The hotel provided us with two free bottles of water per day. This is usually included in the ‘luxury fee’, but since it was waived, the water was free. This was very helpful to us. We would grab the bottles every day before heading to the convention center.

4. DVD Player. The room came with a DVD player, so we could watch movies while we fell asleep.

5. Nice room. The room was nothing special, but there was nothing wrong with it either. It was serviceable and comfortable.

6. Quiet. I don’t know if this is good or bad, really, but the hotel is very quiet. There was never more than 3 or 4 people in the lobby with us at any point. In fact, I’m pretty sure the hotel didn’t even sell out. We met people traveling on unrelated visits who found rooms at the hotel through Expedia. I think that the luxury fee being withheld for Comic Con was a sweetener, because this hotel wasn’t nearly as popular as others in the area.


1. Again, the vibe. I can’t stress enough that it was just – weird. It didn’t feel like Comic Con there. We would be riding high from an awesome day, and then we’d walk into the lobby, where there would be classical music playing and all that ornate, old-fashioned furniture, and it ruined a bit of our buzz.

2. No collectible key cards. Instead of key cards, they use electronic, key-shaped metal keys. This means we didn’t get the collectible key cards, which was just another way the hotel was a bit of a bummer.

3. Mini-fridge is not a ‘cooling device’. What? I saw a mini-fridge, where they kept our waters, so I bought a half-gallon of milk to drink for breakfast in the mornings. It wasn’t until later my friend discovered that the fridge wasn’t actually, well, a FRIDGE. The temperature wasn’t set low enough to keep the milk safe.

Overall: 7/10


  • I had the exact same experience at the Westgate this year. Weird vibe — joked with friend that it was like stepping into a portal and landing in the 1920s or Disney’s Hollywood Tower Hotel — and then expecting to suddenly spy dust and cobwebs over all the chandeliers and everything — especially the spanish gaucho figure in front of the registration area… Would make for a great Halloween getaway.

    Beds were comfy. The trolley station was directly below our room by 7 stories — so we’d hear it going by now and then before we fell asleep.

    Wish we knew the water was free! Loved that the Starbucks and Jamba Juice were just a block away at Horton Plaza.

    Chocolates on the pillow each day — only free candy we had at the con!

  • Forgot to mention — we used the wifi with our downloaded Godzilla Encounter App — turns out ole King of the Monsters was nowhere in our vicinity. Another plus! whew…

  • You know that the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund usually has a party on the roof of the Westgate on the Thurday of SDCC, right? Hit the party and see who all is secreted away in the other rooms of the Westgate. It’s a donation to get in/free for CBLDF members. It always feels very snazzy. There’s a cash bar, nibbles, a silent auction, and often a gift bag. Two years ago, the bag had a special edition of Revival that I later saw flipped on ebay for $100.

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