Psych The Musical Event!

Off Site/Parties, San Diego Comic Con '13

Just a quick post before we get our day started! Last night we (Mel and B) attended the Psych The Musical Event. It was first come, first serve which means we got in line around 8:20PM. People had started lining up around Noon though, which wasn’t a surprise. Psych fans are a very dedicated bunch. The line management could have been a little better. It took us probably 10-15 minutes to even find the end of the line. We were concerned we weren’t going to get in but we did! Before that though, the cast of the show rode around the block in Wiener Mobiles. Yes, you read that correctly! They walked around the block as well and we were able to high five James Roday and Dule’ Hill.

Obviously not the best photos but it’s hard when people are pushing and the actors are being moved along. They did stop for photos with a few people though which was awesome to see. Once inside we received a nice lanyard, free popcorn & soda, plus some other nice swag like sunglasses. Then around Midnight, a few of the cast came into the theater to get everyone excited.

As far as the episode its self? It was hilarious. Plus it had a few surprises as well! No, I won’t tell you what they are! You’ll have to wait until it airs later this year. But you won’t be disappointed!

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