• I haven’t heard anything about new Godzilla movie, but I was really, really disappointed with the last one Hollywood made. My brother and I used to watch the old ones and laugh until we were sick. We loved how campy they were. Somehow, making Godzilla “serious” just didn’t seem right to me. Or maybe Godzilla was meant to be serious and we misunderstood that intent. 🙂 At any rate, I just hope Hollywood makes a good movie for us old school ‘Zilla fans.

    • Godzilla 1954 was a very dark and moody story for the time. The scene where they hold the geiger to the kid, the mother telling her children that they will join dad soon as godzilla approches. It was serious and dark at first. Heck man, even the 1954 roar sounds haunting and kinda mournful. I actually liked the first hollywood reboot. The cartoon that came after was awesome.

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