CNN iReport Wants You To Cover Comic-Con

San Diego Comic Con '13

iReport wants you to hit the ground running this year during Comic-Con. This year they’re focusing on the use of Vine and Instagram to take short but awesome video interviews. If you think you have what it takes, check out the information below!


This year, we’re focusing on video. Micro-videos shot with Instagram and Vine have been all the rage, so we’d like you to take the Insta-interview challenge. It’s easy to get started:

1.       Look around the convention for interesting people to interview: costumed, un-costumed; famous, semi-famous; or not famous at all.

2.       Before you start shooting, take down their name and city of residence. If they’re wearing a costume, find out who they are portraying. You can even basic questions about how many times they’ve attended Comic-Con, etc.

3.       When you’re ready, use Instagram to record a 15-second interview on video. That’s about enough time to ask one brief question and receive a concise answer. Check back here for an example. 4.       Possible topics to ask about: what they hope to see, most interesting thing they’ve done, etc. You may only have time to ask one question, so choose carefully!

5.       Upload your video to Instagram (or Vine, if six seconds is more your thing) with the hashtag #cnnsdcc. You can also upload directly to this assignment if you wish.

Then, share your finished video and we’ll use the best on CNN Digital! If you need interviewing tips, check out our tips here.

Follow @cnnireportsdcc on Twitter every day for updates. We’ll be posting special mini-assignments for con attendees starting Wednesday, July 17!

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