Talking about Green Lantern with Van Jensen and Rob Venditti

Courtesy of DC Entertainment
Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Last month saw the rise of a new area in DC as the Green Lantern line debuted new creators on all four books! Lead by Robert Venditti, this bold new direction for the ring bearers is something a lot of fans have been looking forward to.

But who is Rob? What makes him tick? Does he have a “yellow impurity” that will shine through the subtext of his entire run? Unfortunately… we did not get around to asking those questions.

However we DID get the opportunity to talk with Rob and Van Jensen, his Green Lantern Corps co-writer in a not-so-serious interview. Check out the answers to questions you never thought to ask below!!

WNA: Which Green Lantern would most likely be the one who gets whipped with towels in the locker room?

VAN: Gluteus, the never-before-seen Green Lantern who is basically just a giant floating posterior.

ROB: Guy Gardner.  What high school football star doesn’t engage in a little locker room horseplay?

WNA: Will Kyle dress appropriately after Labor Day

VAN: When has Kyle ever dressed appropriately?

ROB: Unfortunately, no.  It’s one of the drawbacks of being the universe’s only White Lantern.  Black Hand is much trendier.

WNA: With the ironic name, olde time mustache, and Macklemore haircut, is Sinestro a space hipster?

VAN: Don’t forget his hipsterific tattoo of a scary clown.

ROB: Based on the question, I’m not entirely sure “hipster” means what I think it does.

WNA: How much pressure is John Stewart under to perform now that John Oliver has the reins of the Daily Show?

VAN: John Stewart knows the pressure is on. After all, John Oliver is responsible for the funniest moment in Daily Show history:

ROB: Poor Craig Kilborn . . .

WNA: The main complaint Carol has in her relationship with Hal is that he’s never around. Why doesn’t he just create a construct surrogate?

ROB: Hal isn’t the sort who believes anything—man or machine—could effectively duplicate his awesomeness.  Carol would probably be willing to debate that point.

WNA: How does Fatality keep her hair so nice in the vacuum of space?

VAN: In space, there’s no breeze to dishevel her ‘do. It’s the perfect environment for the immaculately coiffed! (Which is why I have no interest in taking my clean-shaven pate into space.)

WNA: What Green Lantern character would you love to see people cosplay as at Comic-Con and if you see them will they get a prize?

VAN: If anyone wears a costume of one of the new characters from Green Lantern Corps #21 (Feska, Jruk, Ergann or Maro), I’ll give them my first born.

ROB: Relic.  It has to be to scale, though.  Fit that through the convention center doors, and you’ll win Van’s second born.

WNA: Is Lights Out a solo story for the giant boxing glove construct?

ROB: It’s actually all a setup to debut a brand-new, cross-branded Green Lantern: Burgess Meredtith, a/k/a Mick Goldmill, of Sector Philadelphia.

WNA: Does Relic get frustrated not being able to easily find clothes in his size?

ROB: No.  His primary weakness is he’s a shopaholic, so his existence in our diminutive universe has made him virtually invincible.

WNA: If you could make any one construct what would be it?

VAN: A flying vehicle to whisk me straight from the San Diego Convention Center into the Gas Lamp, so I don’t have to squeeze my way eight times a day through the jammed up crowds crossing the road and train tracks.

ROB: I’d make a construct of a construct.  Wrap your brain around that.


Be sure to check out the Green Lantern books as they build up to the exciting Lights Out storyline this October!

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