Legendary Pictures ‘Godzilla’ Off-Site Warehouse at SDCC

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After the announcement of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures panel, taking place Saturday 7/20 at 10:45 AM in Hall H, rumors started about the presence of Godzilla at Comic-Con. From reports of Godzilla rising from the ocean near the convention center, to Godzilla related off-site promotions. It seems one of those things is true. According to ComingSoon.net, pictures have surfaced on Twitter of a warehouse near the convention center with a Legendary Pictures logo and possible scratch marks from a certain monster we are all excited to see.

@DailyActor on twitter posted the following two pictures on 7/8.

Godzilla 01 Godzilla 02


Once I saw these pictures, I knew exactly where it was located.  It’s the same street that the famed Flynn’s Arcade was housed during the Tron: Legacy promotion at SDCC.  Marvel also had an area on this block a couple years back with Avenger and Marvel themed monster trucks.  Below is the Google Maps Street View and address (717 J Street) of the building.

godzilla street map


It sits right down the street from PetCo park.  Easy to find.  For those attending SDCC this year, hopefully you get a chance to see what’s inside.


Are you excited for Godzilla?  What do you think they will have inside the warehouse?



Godzilla rises into theaters May 16, 2014

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