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Interviews, San Diego Comic Con '13

20130708-125417.jpgWhen it comes to news sources in the video game world there are a select few who fans turn to regularly, but a very small number of them do so with the absolute style that The Escapist’s Andrea Rene consistently brings to the table!

We recently had a moment to talk with Andrea about next week’s Comic-Con and she had a few insightful things to say on what she’s looking forward to, how the event stacks up against E3, and even some style tips for both the guys and the girls!!

When Nerds Attack: What are you excited to see at Comic-Con?

Andrea Rene: I am excited to see the cast of The Walking Dead at the Con for sure! I love that show! I’m also super interested to see the pirate ship that Ubisoft is bringing for Assassin’s Creed IV and I want to play more of DuckTales Remastered. Plus I’m sure there will be lots of great cosplayers and of course TOYS!!!

WNA: Will you be dressing up for any of your segments? If so, who will you dress as?

AR: Nope! I have yet to cosplay at Comic-Con. I never wear costumes while I’m working as it is unprofessional, but I hope to take a day for myself where I can dress up and run around and have fun! My goal is to someday do a 3-day cosplay transformation from Jean Grey to the Dark Phoenix. I just need to save up the money to have the costumes made!

WNA: The Con is well know for it’s celebrity sightings. Do you have any celeb encounters that made you geek out?

AR: Due to my work in entertainment news I rarely get star struck by celebrities, but when I saw the Game of Thrones cast last year I definitely swooned!

WNA: Do you have any style tips for the daytime and night events that you feel all girls and guys should know?

AR: Daytime:
Take a shower and wear deodorant! PLEASE
Buy fun, new nerdy tees or wear your favorites (just not ratty, gross looking ones!)
Wear something that expresses who you are but is practical
Comfortable shoes that are closed toe (trust me you’ll get stepped on)
Bring your business cards if you plan on doing any networking! Don’t have any? MAKE SOME.

No cosplay, leave it for the Con during the day.
Ladies can get away with almost anything but I prefer dresses and cute flats (lots of walking and standing!)
Guys wear collared shirts or good t-shirts (not the free one you got at the Con)
Guys should also wear pants if you are trying to scam your way into a party, shorts are no-no

*For the love of pete leave your badge AT THE HOTEL at night! (unless you need it to access an event of course) Nothing screams “noob” faster than someone wearing their badge outside of the Con.

WNA: Since gaming demos have become a big part of the con how does SDCC, in your opinion, differ from E3 in terms of fan experience?

AR: Comic-Con and E3 are nothing alike in terms of fan experience. E3 is a business affair and Comic-Con is a fan mecca. E3 is all about getting coverage, making deals, and networking, whereas Comic-Con is all about geeking out, meeting new people, and expressing your nerdy passions with fellow nerds. They are totally different but both serve purposes. I do really love that more video game publishers are having a presence at Comic-Con! This year should be the best yet!

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