Help Make Awesome Con DC More Awesome


If you’re on the east coast or just enjoy a good convention consider backing Awesome Con DC on Kickstarter. They have 40 hours left and still need to raise almost $2,000 to reach their goal. The funds are being raised in order to expand space, bring in more talent, and hire employees to make everything run smoothly. We all want our conventions to run smoothly right? In case you’re wondering, there is a demand for a DC comic convention. They put together the first Awesome Con DC in April and had 7,000 people check it out. If you want to know how it went just check check this out. Oh and they already have George Pérez signed up for next year! Alright, enough rambling, here are a few of the perks that go along with backing this project:

Pledge $10 or more

HELPFUL SPACE ALIEN: This is a new tier, due to high demand! Maybe you can’t make it to Awesome Con next year, or you aren’t sure if you’ll be able to make it out, or you just want to help us out. This is for you. You get a downloadable Backers Badge that looks just like our admission badges, with EXCLUSIVE ARTWORK just for this tier! You’ll also get an invite to a live stream of the Backers Only Panel (or if you end up purchasing a ticket later, you can come in person!). We should have these badges ready to go in August or so. Please note, these badges won’t get you admission to the con, but they will look AWESOME.

Pledge $100 or more

ADMIRER OF ART SUPERPOWERS: For Awesome Con 2013, we had an exclusive variant cover of Regular Show #1 (See Concerned Citizen Early Bird). On the back of this comic book is a blank page for artwork. Well, we had a number of artists do some, and more artists have volunteered to do some, so everyone who pledges at this level gets the Regular Show #1 with ORIGINAL ARTWORK, along with everything in the SUPERHERO ASSIST + T-SHIRT tier. What we’ll do is give everyone a choice of which artist they want, starting with the first backer at this reward level. Here’s a list of artists we will have artwork from: Robert Ullman, Greg LaRocque, Matt Slay, Jerry “Franchize” Gaylord, Pennie Gaylord, Bryan Turner, Mark Mariano, Dan Nokes, Drew Blank, Louie LaDalombara from Geek Boy Press, Keir Lyles, John “Waki” Wycough, Chris Flick, Scott Markley, Dawn Griffin, Bryan G. Brown, Jason Axtell and MORE! I’ll make sure we have all the artwork by the end of September and get them shipped out after that.

Again, they only have about 40 hours left. What are you waiting for? Go pledge!!

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